//New Boiler for the New Year

New Boiler for the New Year

After the expense of Christmas is out of the way and 2012 is looming, it’s time to start thinking about a new boiler for your home. Winter is still in full-force and you won’t be switching off your heating for a few months yet.

Inefficient boilers waste heat and money, and some may only work up to 70%. This means you could be paying £300 more on your energy bills every year. By replacing your old boiler with a new, energy efficient model, you’ll have more money in your pocket. What’s more, a new boiler will last for 15 years and more.

When you choose to replace your boiler there are a few options for you to consider. Some homeowners won’t be connected to the grid and oil will be their first choice of fuel. But if you have access to the National Grid, then swap an oil boiler for a gas boiler. This will save you a ton of money on energy bills.

Of course, if you want to switch from the fossil fuels of coal, gas and oil, you could look at the environmentally friendly alternatives. Biomass boilers not only reduce the amount of carbon that’s released into the atmosphere, but they also cut your heating expenses.

Biomass boilers burn renewable products such as agricultural crops, wood and waste products. All of these products are much cheaper to buy and use than fossil fuels, so over 15 years you’ll make a large saving.

Most of the products burnt using biomass boilers are carbon neutral – so environmentally friendly. This is because they only release the amount of carbon that has been collected through natural processes, such as photosynthesis.

So if you’re looking to reduce your energy bills and cut your spending, look at investing in a new energy efficient boiler.

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