//New Biomass Boiler to Cut Care Home Bills in Half

New Biomass Boiler to Cut Care Home Bills in Half

A residential care home in Scotland has cut its energy bills in half, with the introduction of a wood pellet biomass boiler. The Praesmohr home in Aberdeenshire will also reduce carbon emissions by 53.7 tonnes every year by switching from oil.

The substantial savings of some £6,830 in heating costs has also been achieved with great efficiency rates of 90% from the new boiler. With the home installing installation and energy efficient lighting as well, it’s hoped cuts could reach 60%.

Deeside Eco Heat designed and installed the new biomass boiler after being invited by Energy Saving Trust Scotland. Because of the new efficiency levels the home will now be eligible to take part in the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. The RHI is intended to provide long-term support for those who invest in renewable heating, such as the biomass boiler.

The boilers installed in an outer building provide 70kW of energy to the care home, with eight suction pellet probes. It’s the first biomass boiler of its kind in the UK. During winter both boilers will be active, whereas they will alternate in spring and summer. Wood pellets were the chosen fuel because they’re cheaper and more energy efficient than other options.

Hot water is provided to the care home through a 575-litre cylinder, which is also heated by the wood pellet boiler.

Patrick and Amanda Kinsley, owners of the Praesmohr care home, said: “We think the product is beyond our dreams in terms of quality and performance, better than we could have hoped for. The team were fantastic to deal with, a credit to themselves and any company they work for.”

The large-scale wood pellets boilers are available in 35kW, 45kW and 60kW, providing the perfect solution for larger buildings. Not only will they reduce the heating bills but they’ll also cut carbon emissions, making it more environmentally friendly.

These biomass boilers are great for buildings such as schools, hotels, apartment blocks and district heating systems.

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