//Insulation on your water tank will save you money

Insulation on your water tank will save you money

In the UK, thousands of people are paying more on their energy bills because they’re not insulating their homes properly.

In fact, homeowners are wasting a combined £1 billion every year, according to research from energy giant E.ON.

Insulating your home will reduce heat loss and give your property better energy efficiency. And now’s a great time to be looking at an investment, with rising gas and electricity prices.

Many people are just too lazy to insulate or are simply unaware of the benefits in doing so.

And there are a number of ways to insulate your home and reduce bills, including double glazing, wall cavity insulation and water tank insulation.

Water tanks in particular are a big problem with their large heating surfaces. This means heat is easily lost through radiation and convection.

Insulation contributes to improving your home’s energy efficiency, and by just turning the heating thermostat one degree lower, you’ll make a nice saving.

It’s not just on bills that you’ll reap the benefits from water tank insulation though. Because you’re using less energy, there’ll be reduced carbon emissions entering the atmosphere.

It’s these emissions that are polluting the environment and helping to cause accelerated global warming. This is the reason why government’s all over the world are clamping down on emissions and focusing their efforts on renewable technology.

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