//Improved Combi Boiler Installation with New Technology

Improved Combi Boiler Installation with New Technology

A combi boiler installation will help to reduce your bills and keep your home warmer. Combi boilers have become the most popular type of boiler in the UK because of their fantastic energy efficiency and ability to heat water straight from the mains.

Homeowners with combi boilers don’t need water storage tanks, which instantly saves plenty of room in your loft or airing cupboard.

And now a new series of diverter valves has been launched from Johnson Electric, which helps to reduce noise and enable low pressure to guarantee reliability. These new diverters will put even more trust in a combi boiler installation for homeowners and ensure they last for years.

The diverter has been fully tested to ensure its reliability and can be installed on either the flow or return side of the boiler. The system has been built in mind to be resistant to water additives and comply with specific controls.

Jim Dick, Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Johnson Electric said: “This innovative valve product line aligns with customer demands for compact, quiet and efficient water heating systems”

Johnson Electric, located in Hong Kong, specialise specifically in the heating industry and deal with energy efficiency and noise reduction in a combi boiler installation.

With a combi boiler installation you’ll:

  • Reduce your heating bills by as much as £300 a year. The improved efficiency of the system will use more heat than before, making sure none is wasted
  • Keep your home warmer throughout the year. With improved efficiency in a combi boiler installation, the heat will be distributed evenly. Combining a combi boiler with double glazing with also retain more heat in the home too
  • Cut carbon emissions. Using any boiler creates carbon dioxide emissions, but less efficient models waste more heat and release more gases. Carbon contributes to global warming problems and needs to be reduced to meet Government targets

With a combi boiler installation you’re guaranteed to reduce your energy bills. If you’ve a boiler over 10 years old it could breakdown at any time. With a new boiler you’ll cut the risks of a breakdown.

What’s more a new combi boiler can be paid back in just five years on energy bill savings alone.

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