//Gas Safety and Efficiency means Boilers should be Regularly Serviced

Gas Safety and Efficiency means Boilers should be Regularly Serviced

Around 70% of UK homes are fitted with gas boilers, so it’s important to understand why boiler engineers need to be Gas Safety registered and boiler services need to be frequent. It’s all from a safety point of view.

Gas boilers can pose a serious health risk if a service isn’t carried out regularly. However, many boilers in Britain are not serviced because of the cost, especially if the homeowner hasn’t noticed any faults and it appears to be working properly.

But boiler engineers can detect hidden dangers during a service, and from a safety perspective this is a necessity to protect you and your family. For instance, an inefficient boiler could be leaking carbon monoxide. This is a poisonous, odourless and transparent gas that kills and hospitalises many people every year. If you ever notice black fumes or black deposits then it’s essential to have a boiler service immediately.

Having a boiler serviced and repaired is crucial. A service won’t just check its safety, but also how efficient the boiler is. Some boilers could be running at just 70% efficiency, which is costing homeowners hundreds of extra pounds every year.

You can have a service completed whenever you feel it needs doing, but it’s recommended to have it done on an annual or semi-annual basis. This will reduce the chance of any faults, which is particularly important ahead of the winter when call-out charges can double to around £300. It’s in the winter boilers are more likely to suffer some kind of problem, as they’ve just been switched on after the summer months.

In some cases it’ll be worthwhile replacing your old boiler with a new, efficient model. This will help you reduce fuel bills and cut your carbon emissions. And if you live in Scotland you could be entitled to a £400 fund towards a new boiler through the Boiler Scrappage Scheme.

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