//5 Common Boiler Faults that will Need an Engineer

5 Common Boiler Faults that will Need an Engineer

Central heating systems are often neglected as boilers work continuously without too many problems. But when boiler faults do strike it can be quite costly and over Christmas boiler call-out charges can double to over £300.

That’s why it’s very important to contact an engineer the moment you notice a problem and don’t leave it to get worse. At this time of year we don’t want to be throwing away money unnecessarily.

On average our boilers make up 60% of home energy bills, so with their heavy workload it’s no wonder they can breakdown. To avoid expensive repair bills in the first place you should insure your boiler. A small amount every month makes a big difference when you’re confronted with a boiler fault.

Although boilers can breakdown at any time of year, it’s during the winter that you’re more likely to see a problem. This is because you’d have turned the heating right up to keep your home warm.
Here are the five most common boiler problems that’ll require professional help:

  • No heat or hot water: There are a number of potential problems your boiler could be suffering from if this is affecting you. There could be a broken diaphragm, an airlock, or even faults with the motorised valves.
  • Banging noises: Banging, whistling and gurgling sounds are all associated with boiler problems. There could be air in the system, problems with the thermostats, or the boiler might be kettling. This is when there’s a build-up of limescale due to hard water.
  • Pilot light going out: This may be a problem with the thermocouple or the pilot light itself. Broken air seals and deposit build-up are common reasons for the pilot light to fault.
  • Dropping pressure: This is normally down to a leak in the water system or the expansion vessel failing. Replacing either will fix the problem.
  • Radiators not heating: The pipework is usually responsible for a fault of this kind, with sludge preventing the water flow. It’s a simple enough fix for a trained engineer, who can flush the system and remove the deposits.

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