//Ensure You Have Boiler Cover for Your Heating System

Ensure You Have Boiler Cover for Your Heating System

Ensure you have boiler cover for your heating system

A new boiler should be a priority for every home with an inefficient heating system in place and boiler cover will ensure you’re protected just in case something goes wrong. With a new boiler, especially the A-rated combi type, you could see savings of £300 every year.

Protect your heating system with boiler cover

This will cut your annual expenditure and help many properties keep out of fuel poverty. When gas and electricity prices are consistently rising, it’s more important than ever before to replace your boiler and cut your bills.

With a new boiler, a fault can still occur though. And if you don’t want to spend £200 or more repairing it, then boiler cover is right for you. By just paying a couple of pounds every month for the boiler cover you’ll ensure you’re not caught out when the worst happens.

If a boiler faults you’ll be left without heat and hot water. During the cold months this can be a nightmare and until you can find the funds for repairs, you’ll be left in the lurch.

Do I really need boiler cover?

The UK’s current financial problems have encouraged many homeowners to look at ways of reducing their expenditure. But skimping on the boiler cover isn’t recommended as you’ll be forced to spend if your heating system faults of breaks down.

Boiler faults can be expensive and older boilers will cost even more, as the spare parts are harder to find. Putting a couple of pounds away every month will be much more beneficial in the long run.

Inefficient boilers are prone to problems such as leaks, which can be deadly if not found. So first, have a new boiler professionally installed – to reduce your bills and cut the chances of a serious problem. Then apply for boiler cover so you’re protected all year round.

What benefits are there to boiler cover?

Every company offering a form of boiler cover will provide a slightly different service. What’s guaranteed though is value for money.

With a typical boiler cover you can expect:

  • Emergency repairs for your boiler
  • Electrical fault repairs
  • Gas leak repairs
  • Boiler pump repairs
  • Annual services
  • 24-hour helpline
  • No claims period

Boiler insurers are reluctant to provide boiler cover for heating systems over 15-years-old. Boilers typically have life expectancies of between 10 and 20 years, so it’ll be more likely to breakdown.

If this applies to you, consider replacing your heating system. You’ll save hundreds of pounds every year on your energy bills as your old boiler could be working at an efficiency of 70% or less.

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