//Discount Heating for Residents after Installation of Super Boiler

Discount Heating for Residents after Installation of Super Boiler

Residents on Leith will expect discount heating after a new boiler was fitted into a housing complex. Tenants of the Cables Wynd House in Leith will see something close to £360 a year saving in the heating bills because of the new ‘super b

Enjoy discount heating with a new boiler

oiler’ installation.

The block has always had problems with energy efficiency and some of the residents were paying up to £60 a month to keep their flats warm. This equalled £720 a year for their heating bills alone.

But the 1962 property has now been installed with the new £2.25 million boiler, which will help residents discount heating bills and ease many out of fuel poverty.

The boiler was installed by the city council and more communal projects are expected later in the year. Out of the 212 households in the communal, most opted to join the scheme rather than keep their inefficient heating systems.

One resident, 67-year-old Evelyn McCue, says she has found heating her home a struggle for the 42 years she’s lived there.

She said: “Until three weeks ago we all had storage heaters, which were such a struggle to use. They cost so much to keep going and as soon as you switched them off the room went cold, so I had heaters on in all the rooms.

“It’s even worse for me because I’m next to the lift shaft. It’s such a difference since we had the communal boiler. We’re all saying we’re too warm now and we’ve had the windows open lately. It’s like having a new house.”

Mrs McCue also says that there are many other families in the communal that have struggled financially because of the high bills and will now really benefit from the discount heating
She concluded: “I was paying £78 pound per month for electric and heating, most of which was heating. It’s a huge amount when you live on a pension, as well as for families on low incomes – a lot don’t work here.

“We have actually got the first three months’ heating free, but I would say I’d be saving up to £30 per month, so it will make such a difference.”

All new boilers offer discount heating because they replace old, inefficient systems. The average UK property is installed with a boiler of 60% efficiency, which is only increasing your household bills.

By installing a new boiler you’ll:

  • Expect discount heating – as much as £300 annually
  • Keep your home warmer throughout the year, for less
  • Cut carbon emissions

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