//Dealing with Blocked Pipes in Your Home

Dealing with Blocked Pipes in Your Home

Blocked pipes can cause a serious problem in any home, especially if the blockage is in the drain itself. In some instances you’ll find multiple blockages, which could be linked to a fault with the main pipeline.

Pipes are specifically intended to carry water to just one source, in an effort to avoid contamination. Blockages can compromise this, and it can be particularly dangerous when drinking water is involved.

With blocked pipes, the easy part is actually removing the blockage from the system. It’s much harder to locate the blockage in the first place.

Preventing blocked pipes is also easier said than done. One of the best ways to avoid a blockage building up is to ensure the trap under the sink is always clear of debris. You’ll find the trap under the main sink, where there’s a curve in the piping.

Depending on the pipe’s material you’ll be able to twist the locking mechanism to take out the piping, or use a wrench.

Blockages located in the drainage system are also reasonably simple to deal with. Make sure you’re wearing protective clothing and gloves, before removing the drain cover and removing the blockage.

You could find that’ll you’ll need special equipment to remove the drain blockage, such as a handheld auger or air burst drain cleaner. These are available in your local DIY shops, but professional plumbers will also have access to the necessary equipment.

However, finding a blocked pipe isn’t always as simple as this. On many occasions the blocked pipe will be located behind a wall or beneath the floorboards, so you’ll need a professional plumber to locate the blockage and remove it.

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