//Condensing boilers are big money savers for homeowners

Condensing boilers are big money savers for homeowners

If you’re using oil to heat your home and you’re bills are much higher than you’d expect to be paying, it’s probably time to switch to a money friendly boiler.

Condensing boilers are 20% more efficient, so you’ll be reducing your bills by straight away. Over their 15-year life expectancy, you’ll make up the cost of installation plus much more.

Jeremy Hawksley, director general of the Oil Firing Technical Association says that over several years a new boiler will prove cost-effective, with its much improved efficiency.

He said: “If people have an old boiler at the end of its life – boilers usually last 15 years – they should replace it with a condensing boiler.”

Mr Hawksley also pointed out that with winter fast approaching, better insulation would also be needed to save money on fuel bills.

Installing insulation in the wall cavities or lagging in the loft will also improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce heat loss.

High energy bills have hit the headline in recent weeks, with many people struggling to afford the rise in charges. Four of the ‘big six’ UK suppliers have pushed up costs, blaming wholesale prices for the rise.

In fact British Gas claim wholesale prices have risen by 30% since last winter.

Peter Smith, from the National Energy Action (NEA), told the BBC’s Wake Up to Money podcast that high inflation is making it harder for people to cope with rising bills.

He said: “The only thing that householders can do at the end of the day is reduce that volatility through looking at the volume that they consume and that means looking at energy efficiency as a long-term solution to try and mitigate these problems.”

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