//British Gas providing energy discounts for old boilers

British Gas providing energy discounts for old boilers

As winter approaches, it’s that time when you rely on your boiler more than ever to keep your house warm and your water heated.

And if your boiler is showing early signs that it may break down soon, or your energy bills seem a little too high, it’s best to replace before it’s too late.

A new boiler will provide better energy efficiency and reduce heat loss in your home. Insulation can also be installed to make the boiler a real money saver.

And to help people in what can be a costly ordeal, British Gas are handing out more discounts for those who trade in their old boilers.

Before, the gas and electric company gave customers with a G-rated boiler a £400 reduction on their energy bills, if they purchased a Worchester Bosch A-rated boiler.

But now the utility is offering £200 discounts for homeowners who choose to have any new boiler installed.

It wouldn’t just be this scheme that saves customers money on bills either. By having a new boiler you could potentially save hundreds of pounds every year on energy costs.

Charlie Brown, British Gas’ Energy Spring Clean Expert, said: “An inefficient boiler is one of the biggest sources of wasted energy and money in the home, which is why we’ve launched a boiler scrappage scheme as part of our Energy Spring Clean campaign to help consumers reduce waste and cut bills.”

The British Gas scheme will last until the end of September.

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