//Boiler Power Flushing to Improve Efficiency

Boiler Power Flushing to Improve Efficiency

Your boiler is one of the most important parts of your home as it controls the heat and hot water supply in the property. A boiler failure is near the top of the list for home inconvenience and most of the time faults can be prevented.

One of the best ways to avoid boiler breakdowns is to have a power flush of the system every few months. This will not only improve the efficiency of your boiler but it’ll also extend its life expectancy.

Without this power flush you could end up paying for a new boiler quicker than you would normally. New boilers can be costly investments and although they’ll reduce your energy bills, you don’t want to fork out money for a new one when it’s not necessary.

Power flushing works by removing the magnetite created by hot water’s reaction with copper piping in radiators and boilers. Magnetite is a thick black sludge that’ll circulate your heating system and reduce the boiler’s efficiency.

By not taking action, your heating bills will be increased. If it’s left unchecked for too long you’ll also end up with an expensive repair bill or you may be forced to pay out for a new boiler.

Power flushes on your heating system will save up to 25% on your annual heating bill, so they’re well worth doing. A professional plumber will be able to remove all the magnetite before it poses a serious problem.

With a power flush you’ll:

• Reduce the noises in your boiler and heating system
• Cut your gas bills by up to 25%
• Cure any circulation problems and issues
• Prevent pump failure
• Speed up how quickly your home’s heated.

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