//Boiler industry will benefit from government’s Green Deal

Boiler industry will benefit from government’s Green Deal

The boiler industry will receive a boost next year when the Green Deal comes into being, encouraging homeowners to invest in energy saving measures.

And installing a new boiler in your home will improve the efficiency of your heating system. This will reduce your fuel bills and cut your carbon emissions. But the good news is you won’t have to pay an upfront cost of installation.

If you choose to take advantage of the government’s flagship energy scheme, any loan will go against the property rather than the homeowner. This will go straight onto monthly energy bills until the debt has been paid off.

This means boiler companies could see a big rise in customers, with 70% of the country owning a gas boiler, and many of them inefficient and wasting money.

To help the initial launch of the Green Deal, the government have announced a £200 million fund that’ll provide a special time-limited ‘introductory’ offer. It’s hoped this will immediately boost the uptake of the scheme.

Of course, this year a lot of emphasise has been put on the rise of gas and electricity bills, with all six major suppliers raising their prices. So homeowners are looking for anything that will ease their bills and push them away from fuel poverty.

Announcing the funding, chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, said: “I can announce today that as part of the Autumn Statement we will provide £200m of funding for new and additional support to enable a special time-limited ‘introductory offer’ for the Green Deal.

“An offer that could save early adopters hundreds of pounds. A fund to get the Green Deal off to a flying start. One that will work with the Green Deal mechanism and the ECO to motivate thousands of more consumers to take up energy efficiency measures, over the next two years.”

Energy and Climate Secretary Chris Huhne also says this will be a game changer for British energy. He believes that the quicker you adopt the Green Deal in your home, the quicker you’ll benefit from a warmer, cosier home.

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