//Boiler Call-Outs Likely to Increase Again this Winter

Boiler Call-Outs Likely to Increase Again this Winter

One of the UK’s major energy suppliers is urging homeowners to prepare for the winter with boiler upgrades, to avoid the cost of call-outs over Christmas and New Year.

Npower says homeowners should be ready for the colder months, when you’ll be turning your heating on full. It’s this time of year that breakdowns and faults are most likely to happen and last year there was an 80% increase.

With extreme temperatures predicted over the next few weeks, autumn is well and truly over. And with the festive season just around the corner, you don’t want to be paying out for repairs when you could be enjoying yourself with the family.

New boilers are energy efficient, which will save you hundreds of pounds every year on fuel bills. Your savings will be even more noticeable if you have an old inefficient boiler, particularly over 15-years-old.

Not only will it reduce your bills throughout the year, but you’ll also be cutting your carbon emissions. This means you’ll be saving pounds and the planet.

Operations manager at npower, Chris Thewlis, said: “Many homeowners don’t give a second thought to their boiler until the cold weather kicks in. Having your boiler serviced beforehand could detect any small problem that might lead to a major disruption to your heating during a particularly chilly period. Dealing with a potential problem before it escalates could save you time and money.”

Boiler repairs and call-outs can reach £300 during the height of winter, which is no small fee. So just insuring your boiler will ease your potential costs too.

Insulation is also key to a warm, energy efficient home. Loft insulation, wall cavity insulation and double glazing are excellent ways to keep your home warm.

Mr Thewlis says that it’s crucial to have the right amount of loft insulation in order to make a real difference to your home’s heat. The recommended amount is 270mm and according to Department of Energy and Climate Change research, half of the UK isn’t properly insulated.

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