//Bogus Plug isn’t the Cure for Rising Boiler Heating Costs

Bogus Plug isn’t the Cure for Rising Boiler Heating Costs

Rising boiler heating bills have been targeted in this winter’s big money scam. As more and more people look to save money on their gas boilers, the Trading Standards Institute (TSI) are warning homeowners that a supposed energy saving gadget is bogus.

These energy saving plugs are being sold door-to-door and are claiming to reduce boiler bills by 40%, at just £99 each. It’d be a fantastic deal if true, but unfortunately it’s just a scam preying on the elderly and vulnerable.

Not only do these plugs not save energy, but they’re also dangerous and at risk of starting a fire. This is down to the poor installations.

With Britain’s fuel poverty on the rise in conjunction with gas and electricity costs, the winter will be hard for many homeowners. Anything that’ll save an extra few pounds is seen as a real bonus.

Ron Gainsford, chief executive of TSI, said: “Consumers are warned not to use the product as they pose a risk of fire and electrocution and a safety recall has been issued for the items traced so far.

“Unscrupulous criminals are using the rising energy prices as an opportunity to lure cash-strapped consumers. Elderly people seem to have been deliberately targeted. The number of complaints we are currently dealing with is bound to be only the tip of the iceberg.”

There are ways to reduce your energy bills though. Insulation jackets are available for hot water tanks and all your pipes can be insulated as well, retaining heat.

If your boiler is 15-years-old or more, you could also find it worthwhile to replace it with a new efficient model. Combination boilers are particularly popular, and a new system will ensure your boiler maintenance and service is low cost.

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