//Biomass boilers become more popular as fuel prices rise

Biomass boilers become more popular as fuel prices rise

Biomass boilers have become a more popular way to heat homes due to their environmentally friendly nature.

They’re a renewable heating source that’ll lower your fuel bills and reduce the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

And the good news is they can simply replace your old, conventional boiler or central heating system.

Biomass boilers have seen a rise in popularity because they burn a sustainable energy source – wood. Over the last three years sales has steadily increased.

Of course, with gas and electricity prices soaring, homeowners have to look for more energy efficient ways to heat their homes.

Biomass is an alternative form of energy production, and with solar panels, heat pumps and wind turbines, generates free energy.

Although the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive has been delayed, once it’s introduced in the UK biomass boiler sales will only improve even more.

In fact, as the general interest of eco-friendly alternatives rises, property developers are looking at building homes with these wood fuelled burners to lower carbon footprint.

Grand Designs recently featured an 18th Century property in Wales, using a biomass boiler to provide underfloor heating.

Owner Sarah Berry said: “We don’t have mains gas here and we wanted to do something eco-friendly, but it is not a small house so we have an almost commercial-sized boiler and use wood pellets, which are delivered and blown into a five-ton hopper.”

And a resident in Norfolk wants to take biomass to a completely new level, by using a boiler to heat a whole village.

Edward Brun owns 1,000 acres of woodland and will utilise this to heat the small area of Fring.

He says he has the same technology already built into his property and claims savings of 45% on his heating bills since the installation.

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