//Biomass Boilers and their Benefits

Biomass Boilers and their Benefits

Biomass is a renewable energy source, designed to replace the burning of fossil fuels for energy. Burning fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil produce carbon dioxide, which in turn helps cause global warming.

However, biomass products are environmentally friendly as they’re carbon neutral. This is because the only carbon released has been absorbed through natural processes. Biomass comes in a wide range of forms, from agricultural crops to waste food and wood.

There are four main types of biomass boiler including the pellet fired system, the fully automated system, the semi-automated system and the combined heat and power system. All types are increasing in popularity as they’re cheap to run and sustainable.

Biomass boilers can be used domestically and commercially, and it’s expected that biomass will provide the UK with 10% of its energy needs by 2050.

Compared to the cost of running gas and oil boilers, biomass boilers are a much better option. Wood chips, one of the fuels you can use in a biomass boiler, are relatively cheap. While the energy density is low, you can set the boiler to have an automated 24-hour feed.

Wood chips are seen as an economical fuel type, because it’s wood waste converted into a form of fuel. Wood prices won’t be affected like gas and electricity, and it isn’t likely to be imported as every country has a readily available supply of wood waste.

Of course, by using waste wood products you won’t be having a negative effect on the environment by producing electricity and heat. As a renewable energy source it’ll be reducing the levels of carbon in the atmosphere, whilst saving you plenty of money on fuel bills.

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