//Biomass boiler project in Scotland will reduce energy bills and carbon emissions

Biomass boiler project in Scotland will reduce energy bills and carbon emissions

New boilers provide better energy efficiency, reducing both energy bills and carbon emissions. And by having a biomass boiler you’ll be saving even more on both. Biomass is a sustainable, renewable material, making it an environmentally friendly alternative.

To make the most of the benefits of biofuel, a leisure centre in Scotland has hired one of Ireland’s leading renewable energy companies to install a 400kW biomass boiler at the facility. Scotland’s Loch Aber leisure centre in one of the largest facilities in the Highlands.

Alternative Heat is based in County Down and is a leading renewable boiler designer and MCS accredited installer. They specialise in renewable energy systems for commercial and domestic use and have secured the £540,000 contract for the leisure centre boiler.

The company also install wood fuelled heating systems and other renewable products. These include heat pumps and solar thermal panels.

And the managing director of Alternative Heat, Connel McMullan, says that this project will help the company to establish a brand presence in Britain. They’re keen to focus on both the public sector and commercial markets.

He said: “This Scottish contract was one of many significant wins for the company as we focus on growing our business across domestic and commercial markets in Great Britain.”

If you want to benefit from a new boiler, you too could merge it with biomass to create an environmentally friendly alternative for heating your home.

Biomass can be made from a range of products, including household waste and agricultural crops. By avoiding the use of gas, coal and oil, you’ll be reducing the level of carbon emissions and lowering your bills too.

Carbon emissions contribute to global warming and as part of the government’s targets; fossil fuels need to be cut by 2020. The government hope renewables will contribute to 15% of the UK’s energy use by this date.

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