//Baxi boilers are approved for energy efficiency

Baxi boilers are approved for energy efficiency

Baxi have launched a new boiler range and all 16 products have been endorsed as Energy Saving Trust Recommended.

Paul Haynes, who is head of product management at Baxi, says this provides customers with a quick and easy way to identify products that meet the strictest energy efficiency criteria.

He believes the Energy Saving Trust logo demonstrates the quality and efficiency of Baxi boilers and he says the company are very proud of what they have to offer customers.

Toni de la Motta, marketing manager at the Energy Saving Trust, said: “One of our key aims at the Energy Saving Trust is to ensure that people try to live as energy efficiently as possible by installing energy saving measures.

“This not only helps households to cut their CO2 emissions, but also saves them money on their energy bills. It’s great to see Baxi lead by example and we look forward to working closely with them in the future.”

But it’s not just the new Baxi range of boilers that has been endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust. All previous models have also been certified including the Bermuda back boiler and Multifit GasSaver Passive Flue Gas Heat recovery Device.

This is particularly important in Scotland as all Baxi ranges can be installed under the Scottish boiler scrappage scheme.

What’s also good about the new range of boilers is that they incorporate the THINK combustion management systems.

This is a control that changes the level of output depending on the room’s temperature, so you’re never using more energy than you need to. This will save you extra money of your bills.

The boilers included with the THINK technology are the Baxi Duo-tec Combi GA, Baxi Platinum Combi GA, Baxi Neta-tec Combi GA and the Baxi Megaflo System Compact GA.

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