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About Us

Our quote service is 100% FREE to people looking for a trade professional.

You can use us to find quotes from local qualified trade professionals. We don’t charge you a penny – we just charge our registered trade professionals a small fee for matching your requirements to their skills.

We do our best to recruit new, vetted trade professionals if we can’t provide an immediate match to your requirements.

It is possible that some requests in some areas will be difficult to match at first. When this happens, we will do our best to recruit new, vetted trade professionals to meet your needs as quickly as possible.

We only give your contact details to a maximum of 5 trade professionals.

We give your name and telephone number to no more than 5 trade professionals, and give their details to you. You can then call them to arrange an appointment to get quotes. They may also call you.

We constantly monitor our trade professionals’ standards and performance.

We monitor our registered trade professionals’ performance regularly and if their standards fall, we cancel their registration. We don’t want you to suffer at the hands of amateurs – it’s as simple as that.

We have plenty of professionally registered tradespeople.

Most of our registered contractors are members of reputable trade associations or competent person schemes. If you have any issues with a trade professional during a job, we can give you the details of the membership body that they belong to. If an issue is discovered after the work has been completed and paid for, we will help you to get the original trade professional to put it right.

We take the hassle and uncertainty out of getting the right professional the first time.

Picking someone from the phone book can be very time-consuming and fruitless if none of your chosen contractors are available. It may even result in you inadvertently using a ‘rogue’ contractor with all the associated issues. With us, you know that each trade professional who contacts you has been vetted, is monitored by happy customers, and is available and qualified to do your job.